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Inundative Kookery

Posted in Skepticism with tags , , , , , , , on September 12, 2008 by njmalhq

This video got pushed to my mailbox today. What annoying mumbo-jumbo!  Annoying not only on account of its content, but also because I really don’t know how to deal with it.  I could just ignore it, but that is also irritating because it amounts to surrendering before the forces of ignorance and charlatanry.  On the other hand addressing something like this in a practical and effective manner is near impossible.  The first insurmountable task is to wade through it all.  In this case, the commitment is worth a whole hour and half of one’s precious life.  Then, if one is still alive after drowning in so much garbage, it gets really hard.

David Wilcock, who claims to be reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, is a master practitioner of the art of inundative kookery.  The way that works is that the victim is assaulted with hundreds upon hundreds of unrelated and arbitrary “facts.”  An average person has neither the expertise nor the time to really deal with the sheer volume in totality.  As a result, all judgments, skeptical or otherwise, are necessarily limited in scope.  But believers are at an “advantage” here.  Skeptical position can be easily discounted on the simpleminded grounds that the skeptic didn’t address or ingest all of the claims.  Somehow, it is very difficult for the common believer to deduce pattern of ignorance from representative examples.  It is disheartening to see how uncommon basic inductive reasoning skills are.  The challenge of disproof gets even more daunting if some of the facts are technically factual, the only problem being that they are combined in inappropriate, fallacious manner.  For example, if a person makes use of 100 facts, and then makes a claim that they are somehow tied to each other (often without actually spelling out the exact connection), the skeptic has to resolve 9,900 (100×99) interactions and disprove every one of them.  Otherwise the skeptic is discounted as being biased, readily dismissive, or working for “them.”  Its a lose-lose situation.

Actually, what am I saying!  Wilcock loses nothing, not even sleep.  There is an online store, and a subscription section on his site.  1 yr subscription to his “Readings Download area” costs $72.00.  There is a movie being touted as well.  What The Bleep Do We Know made over $10 million in the theaters (see article in Washington Post).  Public gullibility hasn’t improved any since then, so Wilcock’s movie will probably do at least just as well.  Flim-flam is very lucrative.  ARGH!