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Privatization for the Gander

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We must privatize everything because ownership motivates owners towards betterment of that which they own.  But then running things off the back of workers who aren’t owners can’t possibly be the best state of affairs.  BTW, did you know that the term and practice of “privatization” is rooted in Nazi policy? See “The Coining of ‘Privatization’ and German National Socialist Party” by Germa Bel.


Market Value

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A thing of value today may be of no value tomorrow.  “They” tell me that the markets change, its all about supply and demand.  Thats just the way it is.  That may be true, although I don’t buy that it is.  But let us for the moment suppose that it is true.  For that specific thing at least.  The next logical jump is that everything is subject to valuation via the market.  That too is the way it is.  Which I buy even less.  But let us work with that for the moment as well.  There are many “things” besides things.  For example, a human being.  So now I ask, what exactly is a human being worth in a market driven economy?  A “thing” of variable value, precious today, worthless tomorrow?  Is that the way it is?